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We engage educators, political scientists, sociologists, philosophers, teachers, policymakers, and cultural workers (e.g., artists, curators, and critics) as well as the broader public community who are concerned with ideals, tensions, policies, and practices of education for democracy.

Democratic Dialogue reaches across disciplinary, institutional, and national boundaries through innovative research projects and methods of dissemination, community dialogues and events, and the pursuit of creative approaches to projects that engage themes of democracy, education, and society.


The notion of democracy rightly occupies a privileged place in Canadian society and international discourse. Democracy informs our national and international struggles to create social and cultural institutions that are humanly satisfying and humanely justified. Changing social and cultural realities – for example, an increasingly global world community and the pluralism a global community necessitates – call for new ways of articulating, educating for, and enacting democratic citizenship.

Democratic Dialogue inquiry

  • explores the contesting concepts of democracy that shape social institutions and define citizenship as a mode of societal participation;
  • examines how specific visions of democracy and citizenship inform policy initiatives, generate institutional innovations, create differing organizational structures, and inspire individual actions within educational, social, and cultural institutions;
  • studies the impact of globalism realized as cultural diversity, intellectual difference, and value pluralism on identity, individual agency, citizenship, and social engagement;
  • develops and applies research methods that make it possible to discern and to examine the practical implications of democratic ideals for individual development, organizational improvement, and social progress;
  • and, creates a shared, comprehensive, and evolving database concerning democratic principles and practices in education and society that can fund scholarly publications, public discourse, and continuing research projects. The database will be both the product of current collaborative research and the foundation of future research initiatives.